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Car Hire at Malpensa Airport Made Simple

If you are preparing to travel abroad for a well-earned break and have picked Milan as your destination of choice, then the Milan Airport Guide may be able to take some of the stress out of the preparation process with its informative guide to car hire at Malpensa Airport. As a big airport, 7 out of the 11 Malpensa Airport Car Hire Companies are based within the Terminal 1 Arrivals Hall itself.

These are Autoeuropa, Avis, Hertz, SIXT, Targarent and Europcar, which is the only one to also have a check-in desk at Terminal 2, saving an extra slog if landing there. Those based on the outskirts of the airport, and accessible by free shuttle bus, are Budget, easyCar, Locauto Tirreno and Maggiore. All of the Malpensa Airport Car Rental Firms offer a wide selection of vehicles from compact cars through to minivans and in some cases, trucks. Most also provide for the high-end of the market with luxury cars, while some like Europcar and SIXT even go so far as to offer chauffeur driven prestige cars and limousines. Optional extras include child safety seats, luggage racks, snow chains, ski racks, GPS Navigation Systems, Bluetooth, MP3 compatible systems and in-car DVD players. It is advisable to ask for these when making the reservation. It is important to find out for sure what is and what is not included in the quoted price before setting out, as unexpected additions to the bill at check-in can come as an unwelcome start to a trip. Companies such as SIXT and Avis charge an additional fee of anywhere between 40 to 70 euros depending on the size of the car for fuel costs and although you are expected to return the car empty, this can sometimes be difficult to judge.

Also check whether the insurance is included in the price. Some offer full comprehensive in the quote but will then charge extra for window, tires and undercarriage protection. Others, such as Thrifty and Europcar, provide for third party only, which means unless you pay for their extra insurance, you could be liable for the access or/and medical fees if you have a crash. Alternatively, Maggiore and easyCar offer collision damage waiver in the price of the quote, while the latter also throws in unlimited mileage for good measure to. Although those providing Malpensa Airport Car Hire as a whole keep their fleets of cars well maintained and generally less than 8 months old, problems can occur.

If this happens, then having emergency roadside assistance is a blessing. Hertz provides this service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and has a Rent-It-Here/Leave-It-There option, which means your drop off destination can be different from your pickup destination. Like Maggiore, is also offers very short rentals for as little as a few hours. Most of the Malpensa Airport Car Rental firms offer special offers in one way or another, and give priority booking and preferential rates to members. Hertz has teamed up with Ryanair and Jet2 to offer these passengers discounted prices. Do be prepared that to hire a car in Italy you must be 21 years or over and for many rental firms you may need to be older than this and still incur additional young driver surcharge. For the more prestigious cars the minimum age is often 25 or sometimes 30 years old. Remember when driving in Italy to keep your car hire documents and driving license in the car at all times, as it will save undue problems if you are pulled over. Apart from that relax and enjoy your holiday. For all the information on Bergamo Airport Car Rental in one helpful place or to get a quote, visit the Milan Airport Guide. Buone vacanze!

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Third Party Auto Insurance – Easy Guide To Choosing Your Insurer

Having the correct auto insurance is essential. I do not think I have to list the many benefits it entails, because they are very obvious. You might not be the best driver in the world (I know I am not), but possessing a fine, wide coverage will save you from countless headaches. You might have never had a car accident, and I really hope you never do, but you are not exempt from it either.

In this article we will take a look at the basic concepts of third party only insurance (TPO) and at some tips on how to choose the correct insurer (for any insurance type).

Third Party Auto Insurance

This type of insurance covers liabilities to third parties (as the name pointedly suggests). It covers, among other things, liability for injuries to people, liability for damage to private property, liability for damage caused by a trailer attached to the car, etc.

It is also possible to get a third party theft or fire policy, which will apply in case your vehicle sets on fire or happens to be stolen.

How To Choose The Correct Insurer

Taking the correct decision regarding insuring companies is also essential. The insurance type does not really matter, by choosing the right insurer you will have access to better deals which will benefit you in the long run. So what steps can you take in order to make the best possible decision?

Conduct Thorough Comparisons

Good old rate comparisons will always come in handy. How can you choose the best insurer if you do not know what they have to offer? Shopping online for insurance offers is a great idea, many sites offer free insurance quotes which can be emailed directly to your private email box. You will find dozens of online companies offering all sorts of different types of insurance products.

Once you have received the quotes, take a close look at them and compare the offered services and the offered prices and rates. Choose the three most convenient ones, because it will be time for a second test. The insurer who best passes this last test, will be the winner. Why not choose the cheapest one and move on with our lives, you might be wondering? Because all that glimmers is not gold. There are many dishonest people out there. Try and find online reviews on these three insurers you have picked out, ask around your neighborhood, if they are well-known companies, perhaps your friends and acquaintances might know something about them.

Remember that it is about balancing a good offer with an honest insurer.

Meet The Insurer

The best thing you can do is actually meet people from the company you will be choosing. Sometimes, phone calls are not enough. What you want is to work with competent people, people who know what they are doing and who will be able to answer all of your questions and doubts. There is no room for hesitation when your life and your assets are at stake. Bear in mind that these people will have your future in their hands, you will want them to be as professional and knowledgeable as possible.

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Car Rental For People Under 25

Many people think that it is impossible for people under 25 to find a car to hire. However, there are some car rental companies that are willing to hire out cars to people under 25, albeit at a more expensive rate. However, if you want to rent a car then you have to be willing to pay this premium.

The best way to find a car rental company that’ll be willing to rent to you is to get online and start doing your research. There are now many rental companies that have their own websites will all the information you will need on their policies. You may even be able to find some price comparison websites that help you find the deals you’re looking for. It can even help you to find a good car rental rate.

The main reason that car rental companies will not want to rent to young people is that they are seen to be more risky, in terms of accidents and damage to the car. This is why you may need to put down a higher deposit or a large fee in terms of insurance. There may even be companies that will allow you to get someone else, who is over 21, to sign up on your behalf. However, sometimes this won’t be possible.

So it really isn’t impossible to find car rental for people under 25. It will take longer, but just do your research on the internet and you’ll find many companies, in many different countries, that will be willing to rent you the vehicle you need.

Why Do People Rent Cars? – Great Ideas on Why You Should Use a Hired Car

Holiday time whether it is locally, interstate or overseas is the one time when we normally think about car hire. However, there are other times when we should really give renting a car more thought. Why borrow a friend’s car or worse still, a family member’s car to get you through a difficult time. There is stress associated with borrowing a car and not only the stress of accidents damaging the vehicle. Theft is also a worry and simply not wanting to pile on the extra kilometres and the wear and tear to the car. Then do you offer to have the car serviced when you return the car – all too hard. Renting is easier and probably in the end not that expensive.

Why do people rent cars?

Family Car Breakdowns – once upon a time we had a local garage mechanic that looked after our car but now we do not have the same loyalty to mechanics. The car companies offer special deals when you purchase vehicles and specialist service centres offer one off deals. So we usually go to the best deal on the day. Unfortunately sometimes the fix isn’t all that easy and your car may be off the road for a few days if parts are not available. When this happens, car hire is a good option and in some cases the expense may be covered by your insurance company. So check your policy.

Travelling for Business – We are a very mobile work force these days. Air travel is cheap, so visiting your customers no matter where they are is not a problem and can be a much more effective way of doing business. Car Rental will be available from the airport on arrival so book ahead online. This ensures that the collection time is speedy; you get to your client, do the sale, and return to the airport and back home.

Visitors – At some stage we will all have family or friends visit and stay for a while. Don’t worry about how you will accommodate them transport wise, Large cars or people movers hired through a rental car company will see to it that everyone has a seat and has a good time. Sometimes your visitors may want to hire a vehicle themselves but how much fun is it when everyone travels together – lots of talking and laughing. That’s what friends and family are all about, sticking together.

Moving – Everyone hates the word but we all do it at some stage. Maybe you don’t have enough stuff to move with a removalist or you simply want to do it yourself. Well, van or truck hire is always available and the good thing is that moving vans have a back lift to make it easier for you and you only need a normal drivers licence to drive one.

Celebrating a Special Occasion – Need a big fancy car for a wedding or a sporty convertible to woo that special someone before popping the big question? Well, renting a car may get you just the answer you need.

Holidays – Whether you are planning just a short break or a long family holiday. Car rental is a good option. If you take your family vehicle you will need to service the car, check and maybe have to put new tyres on the vehicle. Also check that you have your 24hours roadside assist membership up to date. BUT, if you hire a car the rental company will have a vehicle just right for your family size, all serviced up and 24hour roadside assistance included in the price.

All in all renting a car can be a very economical way to transport you and your family. No matter what the circumstances, choose a comparison website to do your research and get the best prices.

Buying A Used Car? Research Will Pay Off

With so many high quality used cars available on the market, many people don’t hesitate to purchase a used car over a new one. If fact, many car buyers can get a higher quality used car for the same price, if not less, than the cost of a new model.

As with buying anything second hand, there are some things you need to take into consideration that aren’t always necessary with buying something new.


It is extremely important that you conduct some research when buying a used car. You should have a clear idea of what make and model you wish to buy, the kind of performance you desire, and the comparable market prices on used cars in your area. By doing a little research before you hit the dealerships or private sellers, you better your chances of getting a really good deal.

Car History Reports

If at all possible, you should definitely get a vehicle history report on any used vehicle you wish to purchase. This may give you an idea of any problems the car may have, such as past accidents or any other major problems.

Compare Safety Features

You should do your best to find a used car with the best safety feature available. According to some reports, almost 80% of all accident injuries were heightened because safety features were not available on the car.

Scrutinize All Vehicle Documents

Make sure that all the vehicle documents are valid. The last thing you want to do is buy a car that is stolen, has liens on it, or has a forged “Bill of Sale”.

Last but not least, you should meticulously inspect the overall condition of the car before signing any papers. You should be wary of any rust or damage, and should check that the tires are safe to drive on. discount tire sales

The 5 Safest Cars

Judging the cars by putting them through a harsh crash-test, the program works on a star system in order to rate the safety of the cars-5 stars being the highest rating. Buying a safe car isn’t just a good way to lower your car insurance quotes, it can be the difference between life and death in a serious accident situation. Basically, the choice of a car that’s able to protect you in the unfortunate event of a collision is a decision that can change your life. Here, we detail the top 5 safest cars in Australia so that you’ve got the chance to make the right choice for your family.

5. Volkswagon Golf

This sharp little Euro classic is always a favourite with Volkswagon enthusiasts, but with its new tag as the 5th safest car in the country and a very reasonable price tag at around $25,000, the choice is simple if you’re looking for a small, efficient car that drives and protects you like a big one.

4. Renault Laguna

With a host of features aimed at preventing crashes before they even happen, the Renault Laguna takes the next step in safety. One such safety feature is a sensor which judges the distance between cars in a bid to help prevent collisions due to tailgating. If you’re getting too close it becomes difficult to accelerate and a display on the dash lights up in warning.

3. Mercedes A-Class

Forget those little bumps and scrapes that come about trying to wedge yourself into a car-space at the shops, this sleek vehicles uses sensors to identify suitable parks and then guide you all the way into them. Now that’s accident prevention.

2. Mercedes C-Class

With side-curtain airbags, active head restraints and airbag occupancy sensors this model is almost as secure as they come. There’s also the added feature of Vehicle Stability Control to keep you safe in wet conditions, proving there’s a reason the Mercedes has stayed at the top of its class in safety.

1. Volvo XC60

Not surprisingly, Volvo has lived up to its reputation as the Swedish super-safety mobile, with its XC60 model topping the list. With the stability to protect drivers from high-speed collisions and the technology to prevent them at low speeds, Volvo once again reigns supreme as the safest bet for driving.

In addition to choosing a car that can protect you and withstand too much damage, you need to protect your finances with car insurance, the price of which will be affected by the type of car you buy.

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Water4Gas Download Guide Review – How To Run Vehicle On Water?

You may have seen videos or read reports of vehicles that can run on water, but are you skeptical about it? I knew I was and chose not to believe in it initially, because I just did not believe that water can power a car. That is not surprising, seeing how our entire society has been led to believe that it is impossible. This article will expose some myths about running a vehicle with water.

1. How Can Water Provide Sufficient Energy To Run A Vehicle?

Almost everyone believes that our vehicles can only run on fossil fuels, and water will not be able to provide enough energy. Water power, also known as hydro power, is usually only associated with huge dams, but seldom talked about. Is it really possible to run vehicles on water?

2. Water for Gas Had Already Been Discovered 20 Years Ago

For 20 years, scientists had conducted research of using electrolysis to convert water into oxyhydrogen, which can be used as a source of power. By slightly modifying your engine, you can make your engine carry out this electrolysis process and run your car on water.

This project was called The Deuterium Project, but was well hidden from the public for political reasons. Basically, if everyone were to run their vehicles on water, the entire oil industry would be heavily affected as revenue of oil companies would drop sharply.

3. How Can You Modify Your Vehicle To Run On Water?

It is highly recommended that you seek professional guidance or download a reputable conversion guide to help you convert your engine. At this stage, it is still not possible to make your car run completely on water. You still need to mix the oxyhydrogen with some gasoline, but that would be more than enough to help you save hundreds of dollars of fuel costs per month.

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A Shopper’s Guide To Pennsylvania Car Insurance

What is the best and the simplest way to find the PA car insurance? What are the cheapest car insurance companies which are present in Pennsylvania? What are the minimum requirements of the PA car insurance companies? What are the factors which must be kept in mind while making a good comparison to get the minimum rates in Pennsylvania?

How a person can find a PA rental car insurance and from where it should be purchased? There are some the basic questions which come in the mind of the people. If a person is able to answer these questions then they can achieve the best results at best rates.

o Pennsylvania No Fault Auto Insurance Laws: the laws of Pennsylvania are strict in case of the accidents. The law says that the insurance company will pay all the amount of injuries and other medical services regardless of who was responsible for the occurrence of the accident. The no fault laws differ from state to state and hence they can be changed from time to time. If a person is any queries or doubts in his mind then he can consult or call the website of the Pennsylvania Department of Insurance.

o PA Car Insurance Minimum Coverage Requirements: under the law of Pennsylvania, if a person wants to have the bodily injury coverage in then he is required to pay the amount of $15,000 per person and this amount increases to $30,000 per accident. Bodily injury coverage will include all the expenses like the any legal defense costs, pain and suffering, lost wages, and medical expenses. All the expenses will be incurred by the company.

o There is also a rule which states that a person must carry minimum of $5000 for property damage liability car insurance. Property damage liability car insurance will pay for all kinds of property damages like the damage to the car, fence or house or some other type of legal damage. Another type of protection for the people is the Personal injury protection which is also known as PIP. This insurance covers includes different levels of coverage which includes the minimum amount of $5000.

o If by chance any accident occurs then this will provide all the expenses for the medical supplies and prosthetic devices, required medications, ambulance and nursing services, optometric expenses, rehabilitative services, such as physical therapy, necessary dental, psychiatric expenses and all other medical and surgical expenses.

Alice Springs Australia: Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Alice Springs, Australia?

Chicken or the Australian Outback. Let’s hope it’s the second and not the first. The next thing that probably comes to mind is big red rocks, desert and lots of wide open spaces. And then tough outback cowboys who wrestle crocodiles or punch cows.

Yet Alice Springs – the real Alice Springs – is none of those things. There’s no infamous chicken recipe, no crocodiles and very few cattle-loving cowboys. Some of the most commonly asked questions about Alice Springs are things like: where is it, how far is it from other places, how did it get its name and even are there shops?

In this article, I answer those questions for you. I’m an Alice Springs local, so I can answer with a touch of local color and flavor that you might not find elsewhere on the internet.

Where is Alice Springs?

Alice Springs is near the middle of the Australian continent. It’s not the geographical center of the continent – that’s a little place called ‘the Lambert Center’ which sits on the edge of the Simpson Desert.

It’s a long way – about 1500km north and south – to the nearest major cities (Adelaide and Darwin) and the same distance from the nearest ocean. The next nearest major town is tiny Tennant Creek, located 503 km north up the Stuart Highway.

How Far is it from Sydney, Melbourne, Darwin, Perth or Brisbane?

The town is a long, long way from all of the major capital cities in Australia, which is why many overseas visitors choose to fly, rather than drive (although driving is much more fun and you can have a real adventure along the way).

Alice Springs is 2750 kilometres (1708 miles) from Sydney
2250 kilometres (1833 miles) from Melbourne
1498 kilometres (931 miles) from Darwin
1530 kilometres (950 miles) from Adelaide
3605 kilometres (2240 miles) from Perth
and 3005 kilometres (1867 miles) from Brisbane

Even by Australian standards, this means that Alice Springs is a long, long way from anywhere!

How did it get its name?

Ready for some history? I promise I won’t put you to sleep. Here’s the real juice: the town has had several names over the years and there’s a story behind them all.

The Aboriginal people who live in there call the town ‘Mparntwe’ (pronounced um-BARN-doo-uh). This means ‘in the middle’, referring to the town’s location in the middle of the MacDonnell Ranges. The town is still called Mparntwe today.

In 1872, the first permanent white settlement occurred at ‘spring’ in the Todd River. This small settlement was established as a repeater station of the Overland Telegraph Line, which became Australia‘s first cable communications link with the rest of the world.

The town was originally called ‘Stuart’, after John MacDouall Stuart, the Scottish explorer whose explorations mapped the path that the Overland Telegraph Line would take. The town was called Stuart until 1932.

It was renamed ‘Alice Springs’ in 1932. The name comes from the ‘spring’ (it’s not really a spring, but an ephemeral waterhole) in the Todd River, near the original Overland Telegraph Station. The ‘spring’ was named after Mrs Alice Todd, wife of Sir Charles Todd, who financed Stuart’s journey through Central Australia.

You can visit the ‘real’ Alice Spring today. It’s part of the Alice Springs Telegraph Station Historical Reserve. It’s a 45 min walk along the shady banks of the Todd River, or you can catch a shuttle bus.

Are there Shops?

Yes. Lots of shops. Alice Springs is the only town servicing an area that’s one and a half the times the size of Texas. It has everything that a main regional city has: 8 supermarkets, clothing and shoe shops, restaurants, lots of great cafes, bookshops, jewelers, and of course, fast food chains.

So rest assured, if you forget your toothbrush or your medicines or even your shoes, you’ll be able to buy them there.

Can You See Ayers Rock (Uluru) from the Hotel Window?

No. Ayers Rock is over 470km away! It takes around 5 hours to drive there by sealed road. So you can’t see Ayers Rock from the window of your hotel room!

One thing to remember if you’re flying in and planning on hiring a car to visit Ayers Rock is that you do not need a four wheel drive to get there. There is an excellent bitumen highway between the town and Ayers Rock, so save your money and hire a more economical car instead of a big, heavy 4WD!

Finally, I’d like to thank you for taking time to read this short article, and I hope you’ve learned something new. I invite you to visit the Australian Outback and fall in love with it, just like I have.

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The Basic Engine Principle Of Electric Cars

If you spot an electric car on the street, it is nearly impossible to tell that the car is powered by an electric motor because EVs (electric vehicles) look exactly like a gasoline powered car. If you are an automobile enthusiast, you would probably know the EVs that are available in your country and this may help you to figure out a car is powered by an electric engine. The only other way to find an electric motor powered car is the excellent level of silence that an electric engine has!

The entire technological differences between an EV and gasoline powered car are kept under the hood; so you need to open the hood to know how they work. For those who have gasoline cars, their engine bay features so many boxes and pipes which look like a complicated plumbing work but with electric cars, this is definitely different and will look like some electrical work. The car will be using an electric motor to power its wheels and this engine will be different from a traditional gasoline powered engine.

The electric engine directly uses electricity and starts rotating, which means the power output is instantaneous and the maximum power can be enjoyed from the very beginning. However, these engines have a downside when it comes to climbing hills. This system will not provide adequate power for hilly surfaces and electric car makers all over the world are working hard on resolving this issue. Traditionally, electric engines were powered by normal car batteries that didn’t last longer. However, this issue has been resolved with modern car batteries that allow you to drive your eco-friendly vehicles for quite a long time.

The Working Principle

In an EV, there is an ac charger which will charge the battery unit. Once you start the engine, the power will be directly delivered from batteries to the car. Instead of a gasoline meter, an EV will have a volt meter that will show you the charge. If the volt meter shows a low charge warning, it means that you should recharge your car immediately. The EV motor do not have clutch as the motor has limited control over its power output. Instead of an accelerator, it is a potentiometer that allows you to increase or decrease the speed.

To make the air conditioner work, there will be an additional battery source and for heater, a water heater will be fixed in the engine bay. The power windows and other accessories also use the electric charge and replacements are made. The potentiometer used in an electric car is similar to a fan regulator and works based on the resistance principle. However, increasing or decreasing the speed can’t help you to achieve a higher or lower mileage as the power output as well as energy consumption will be the same.

This is how EVs work, which is a very straightforward principle. There is no doubt that electric cars can help you to save a lot of money that you used to spent on fuel. Discount Tire Stores